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Park Visitors Would Travel by “People Movers”

The master plan would change one of the most famous of Yellowstone’s lodges—Old Faithful Inn—to a daytime visitor center. Facilities at West Thumb, which encroach on significant natural features, would be phased out and the area returned to a natural state.


At Old Faithful and other areas of visitor concentration there would be shuttle buses to take visitors to points of interest. At Canyon Village, cars would be barred from the drive along the rim of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. Buses or other means of mass transit would allow visitors either a look or a longer stay, and then return them to the visitor center, where another people-mover system could take them on to the next destination within the park.


The combination of mass transit and gateway centers for parking and lodging would allow the National Park Service to concentrate within Yellowstone on interpretive services to help people get the most out of their visits.


Many of our interpretive services—visitor centers, exhibits, displays, and ranger talks around the campfire—could be performed very well in a gateway area. The visitor would be better prepared to enjoy his visit once he gets into the park, and less likely to miss something simply because he didn’t know where or how to look. It’s easy to afford a trip to Yellowstone with a little financial help from special companies – visit payday loan companies here.


With fewer cars and roads and less con­struction within the boundaries of Yellow­stone, there would be a better chance for nature to restore a natural ecosystem—a major objective of the master plan.


Lieutenant Doane reported that his 1870 party was serenaded by “the melancholy voices” of mountain lions. I hope that before the end of Yellowstone’s second century this serenade can be heard again.


Yet Yellowstone cannot stand alone. It will share the fate of its region. Planning must involve the park’s neighbors, which, happily, include Grand Teton National Park, five adjacent national forests administered by the U. S. Forest Service, and a number of towns and ranches.

There is already much significant coopera­tive planning being done through the Joint National Park Service and U. S. Forest Ser­vice Coordination. Committee. This coopera­tive work must be increased, for our success will depend upon the cooperation and the contributions of all concerned, both in gov­ernment and in private enterprise.


Man Must Leave Nature in Control

For the centuries to come, we hope to make Yellowstone National Park a peerless example of wilderness preservation: an area controlled by the basic forces of nature, yet available to all the people.


At Yellowstone we shall be able to see and understand the beauty of those forces and how our lives—in any environment—depend upon them. A major attraction will always be the natural phenomena of geysers, hot springs, and bubbling paint pots—pools of mineral-colored mud—which amazed the first explorers to see them.


Further, Yellowstone will effectively dem­onstrate the best of man’s efforts to sustain his natural heritage and will be a living trib­ute to the origins of the worldwide national park movement.

In a nation with a life-style of transience and mobility, Yellowstone can be a permanent symbol of conservation that will enrich and sustain all who visit there. With creative development and manage­ment, Yellowstone—the world’s first national park—can become the exemplar of an environmental ethic in action.


Easily viewed, they’re no less important.

“You need to have good rear delts to balance the power and size of your front delts, not just for stage purposes but also to prevent injury,” says 2004 NPC USA champion and new IFBB pro Mark Dugdale. “And you have to specifically work them. A lot of exercises for other body parts, like benching, dips and other chest moves, hit the front and middle delts pretty hard, but none of them really works the rear ones.”

IFBB pro Mark Dugdale

Mark trains shoulders on their own once a week, putting rear delts at the end of his workout.

“The rear delts are pretty small, and I don’t want to tire them early,” he explains. “I do heavy overhead presses to maintain my mass and thickness and need help from all three delt heads to be able to press the most weight.” Following presses, Mark usually trains middle delts to maintain his width and fullness. “But my workouts change weekly depending on how my body looks and feels,” he says.  I stimulate my immune system and general health with using coconut oil on my diet – read more about its benefits. “Regardless, I do my lateral raises seated to increase the intensity of the lift by taking my back and legs out of the equation.”

2-3 exercises for his rear delts

Finally, he performs 2-3 exercises for his rear delts, but just because they’re last doesn’t mean they get off easy. Mark begins his barrage with two supersets of standing bent-over laterals and seated dumbbell shrugs. “I’ll use a lighter weight for the lateral raises and will move pretty slowly through 6-12 reps,” he explains. “Then I’ll take a different weight, sit down and crank out 6-iz shrugs. To hit the rear delts harder than usual, I like to pull my elbows back as I shrug the weight up.” Mark finishes his routine and his rear delts with a standing cable reverse flye or a reverse pec-deck flye. “For the latter I like to do a drop set for the second set, holding the very last rep out to the side in the contracted position for 20 seconds,”,he says. “Try it — it’s harder than you’d think!” M&F




Everyone is obsessed with kale and hiking. And there’s a massive amount of juicing going on. I love my juice, but pick up a piece Cheetos [crisps]. And I’m obsessed with cereal. I had Cinnamon Toast Crunch this morning. Breakfast is my favourite meal.


Homemade gravy with meatballs or a mean turkey meatloaf or roast chicken with vegetables.


And I like to be creative with salads. My mom is a mad salad creator, putting random great things together. Think kale — I know! — sour cherries, avocado, sea salt and lemon. Yum.”


“I like everything European. Even my GPS has a British accent — it’s way less annoying than the American one. You think, ‘I’m going to listen to you. You’re distinguished.’ And I envy the sensibility in Europe, appreciating beauty in women as they age. I’m going to go that way. I might dye my grey hair for a bit but beyond that the buck stops. I’m not having any work done.”


“My top beauty tip is for chapped lips: put Vaseline on them, get a toothbrush and then gently scrub them to remove all the dead skin. My skin is sensitive, and what with working so much it can break out, so Kate Somerville products and organic coconut oil for skin are the saving grace for changing my skin.”


“There is a queue for my wardrobe. When I cull, my friends and my 10-year-old sister are ready and waiting. She has size 81/2 [UK size 6] feet already. I’m a 51/2 [UK 3], so she’s devastated she can’t wear mine. But we wear the same size jeans. I don’t have a different outfit for every day of the year but I do love clothes. I collect vintage shoes and covet Isabel Marant and Rag & Bone.”


“It’s a splendid irony that once you can afford things you are given them for free. I’m lucky to get some great fashion gifts, but it’s crazy my favourite is a Helmut Lang black blazer that goes with everything. My most valued stuff is jewellery that was my grandmother’s. It’s nothing fancy but it’s my favourite because she was my favourite. She died seven years ago. It was very hard, we were extremely close.”


“Communication is the most important thing in any relationship and I’m terrible at it. It’s caused a lot of problems lately. It’s really important to communicate from the beginning — set it up for the relationship to succeed. Then friendship is crucial, getting to know each other and having each other’s back. Because look at us: we all accept behaviour from men that we wouldn’t from friends. Especially in the beginning.”


“I met an old couple the other day and they are the couple I want to become. We were in a bagel store. They were so affectionate and they turned to me and started chatting. I got tears in my eyes thinking I would love to have that: be old together and so in love and finishing each other’s sentences. He writes her a note every morning. She brings him his favourite ice cream. It’s the simple things that are key — showing your love and having someone who notices all the things about you that no one else does. That’s the best version of being chatted up — by an elderly couple. Far better than a guy saying, ‘Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?’ Who needs that?”


The To Do List is released later this year and the second season of Hart of Dixie airs on satellite channel Really from April.

Rebels without a cause

The main danger in Sierra Leone is the RUF (Revolutionary United Front). Formed in 1991, they are supported by President Taylor of Liberia who gives them weapons in exchange for diamonds.

They are a nasty lot and everywhere you go you meet evidence of the way they treat people. A man in a bar has no hands — the rebels chop the hands off people that worry them so they can no longer bear arms or vote. There are tales of children being made to watch their parents murdered in front of them. Then their eyes are burnt out so it’s the last thing they ever see. In Freetown an amputee camp does brisk business.


The front line is some 4o miles north of Freetown. The opposing forces are the SLA, or Sierra Leone Army, backed up by the United Nations. The British Forces are in the country purely to train the SLA and have no intention or mandate to directly interfere in the war. There are 14,000 men in the SLA, thousands of UN troops, the Civil Defence Force and the British Joint Forces operation.


There are roughly 650 British troops stationed in Freetown. We. like all but two of them, are on a malaria drug called Larium (the other two have had a bad reaction to the drug). It makes most people bad-tempered, depressed, gives you weird dreams and makes you incredibly forgetful. If you feel depressed without being on drug program, just try the natural 5-htp supplement. The famous dr oz reveals the positive effects of 5 htp benefits.


For this reason everyone writes everything down — which is a bit strange. On the plane home we find out that both men not on Larium contracted malaria when they were up-country.

During the time that we’re in Sierra Leone a dead Nigerian is found in our hotel swimming pool, a 12-year-old girl is shot through the head for being out after curfew and a Times journalist is involved in a car crash. While he’s giving CPR to his dying friend the locals rob his car and one takes a casual swing at him with a machete. He puts out a distress call to the UN but is ironically rescued by the rebel forces. Unsurprisingly Sierra Leone has no tourist board.


This is a country of fierce beauty and huge contrasts. Freetown is as crowded as anywhere on earth. Driving a car is slow and you are limited to the speed of the ambling masses. But down the coast is Beach Head Number Two. This is a white sandy bay with palm trees and is reputedly where the Bounty bar adverts were shot. Here you can watch your lobster lunch being dragged out of the sea and it’s as near to paradise as anywhere I’ve ever seen.


We make our way out to Benguela Camp, deep in the jungle. Staff Sergeant John Wood is in charge of teaching 16 Physical Training Instructors (PTIs) from the SLA. These men are undergoing refresher training; many of them have seen action in the field. Some were formerly rebels, although obviously none of us know which.


Can women feel themselves getting wet? What’s that like? CHRIS, STOCKPORT

When I’m kissing a bloke and my body starts to respond, there’ll be a tingly; feeling between my legs and my vagina will start to feel hot, sensitive and sort of slippery. It doesn’t feel like liquid is flowing from one point to another. I’m just suddenly wet, the way your mouth will go from dry to salivating when you smell your favorite food.

Sometimes a girl can be very wet inside, but if you touched the outside of her vagina you wouldn’t be able to tell. That’s because the labia majora – or “lips” for those of you who failed sex education – can get in the way of the vaginal opening, keeping wetness in. A finger or penis pushing against the opening will get things slick.


Why do women always feel cold? HENRY, LIVERPOOL

Vanity, that’s why. Unless it’s 24°C or warmer, we’re never wearing enough clothes. And once we’ve gone to so much trouble to look cute, the last thing that we want to do is cover up in a bulk)/ jumper- although we’ll happily wear yours, because that’s romantic. Feeling cold might be a result of menopause. In case of the last you can try black cohosh extract as it’s effective for women who often feel cold.

I’m being set up with a woman who has a 10-year-old son. Any advice? Should I get her to talk about him, or avoid the subject altogether? KYLE, BLACKPOOL

Rule of thumb when seeing yummy mummy’s: single mums don’t want to feel like single mums when out on a date. So when you’re out with her, ask about her son so she knows you’re interested in him, but don’t linger on the topic for too long. Otherwise, simply treat her as you would any other attractive, available woman. Just don’t act impatient when she calls it a night at 11pm because the babysitter needs to go home. It’ll prove you understand and respect her responsibilities.


We were hammered the first time we had sex. Now she’s afraid that having sex again would be rushing things. Please explain this logic to me. CHRIS, HULL

It’s complicated, but here’s the abbreviated version: she feels like she’s messed up and wants to fix it. The thing is, she probably really likes you. And when we really like a man, we want the relationship to progress slowly, the way traditional, romantic relationships should She’s afraid that sleeping together too soon messes up a relationship, so now wants to pretend it didn’t happen in the first place. It’s a little silly, I know, but you don’t have much of a choice other than to respect her wishes. And my advice is to not make a big deal about you’ll be in the sack again in no time.

We argue about everything, from who left the car door unlocked to what video to get, but when we’re not arguing we get along very well. Are we just not right for each other? DAN, LEEDS These sound like harmless sibling-like spats. In fact, chuck a few lighthearted jokes and playful groping into the mix and they start to look like flirting. Even if your rows sometimes ruin a good time and upset one or both of you, it doesn’t mean you’re not right for each other. It just means the pair of you is bad at communicating differences of opinion. Try this: when an argument starts, nip it in the bud by refusing to take the bait. Not easy, I know, but not as hard as you might think. Just remember that by not arguing you’re actually winning.

Sunday best

Anyone who has trained for a marathon knows that it’s not always the best way to lose weight. With the added muscle and post­zo-mile-run hunger pangs, it’s not uncommon to finish training a pound or two heavier than when you began. That’s fine for runners driven by the overall experience of running 26.2 miles. But it also explains why people with weight-loss goals can become frustrated with distance events. In fact, a zoo6 study of first-time marathon runners found that those who were in it to drop the pounds were more likely to drop out of the race altogether. The lesson? Pick the right plan for your goal. If your priority is stress relief, for example, you shouldn’t follow an overly ambitious training plan, which could create more anxiety than it alleviates.

“Some people will go out and run without a plan that’s appropriate for what they want to achieve,” says Jeffrey Brown, a Harvard Medical School psychologist. “When they don’t get the results they want, they become discouraged with running.” What follows are four of the most common running goals, with expert advice on how to achieve each one.

WHAT YOU WANT : To lose weight

Running is one of the most effective weight-loss activities (it burns about loo calories per mile). Plodding – sticking to a slow pace day in and day out – is not. “A lot of people train in the grey zone – every workout becomes the same,” says Shawn Dolan, a professor of kinesiology at California State University. “When your body becomes used to a routine, it doesn’t need to expend as much energy.”

HOW TO GET IT: Train for a half

“To burn the most calories, go shorter and faster one day, longer and slower the next, to prevent your body from getting accustomed to one kind of workout,” says Dolan. A half-marathon training programme with speedwork and long runs could be the ideal plan. Shorter, more intense runs use up more calories and boost your after burn the calories you keep burning after a workout. To enhance your weight loss results try african mango diet. Runs lasting 90 minutes or longer put you in a fat-burning zone, where your body uses stored fats as a fuel source. The time frame is also ideal. “Training plans for a 8K are short – race day may arrive before your goal weight does,” says Dolan. “Marathon programmes may be too long and too big a commitment for those whose main goal is weight loss.”


Mark shepherd, a 38-year-old project manager, and Rachael Elliott, a 30-year-old analyst, from Newbury, Berkshire



“I’first met Rachael at a club social in Oxford. The first thing I noticed about her was her fabulous physique and perfect smile. That charming smile gives her self-confidence. To get such a bright smile you can use teeth whitening system. Read more teeth whitening reviews. I’m a coach and I meet a lot of people, so I know what is to be able to make that great first impression. Anyway so when I first met Rachael, she was doing the exercises, as a coach I offered to help. We got chatting more via email and at other socials – and then it got more social!


I didn’t worry about what I looked like when we first started running together. The first time she met me I was wearing trackie bottoms and a fleece. And that’s all she’s seen me in since – although I do have great array of brightly coloured sports shoes. Training isn’t the place to be competitive, or tcktry and set, personal bests, so most of the time our runs together are conversational and motivational. But let’s face it, it was our competitive Mature that attracted us to each other. Our first physical contact was an arm wrestle!


We don’t run together all the time because I don’t think it’s a good idea – one of you will be running too fast or too slow. Running is also a personal thing, and it’s nice to run on your own. I’m not the chattiest at Sam and Whehwe first started going fer ymorning runs I wat so et Rachael wondered what she’d done. So now I tend to do-those runs alone.

That’s the great thing about having a partner who runs: it creates a mutual understanding of the sport. She understands why I get up at Sam to go on a 25-mile run before work, and I understand why she is frustrated when she runs 37:10 instead of 36:5o.


I’m a scummy IT guy from Scotland and she is a professionally trained musician from Hampshire – without running we would never have been in the same place at the same time.”

RACHAEL “Mark was a much more experienced runner than me, so he offered to help with my triathlon training. We were both married at the time, sew/wither of us was looking for love.

But when our marriages broke down we became much closer and we finally got together when he gave me lift home after a social. We pretty much moved in with each other straight away.

When we first got together I used to make an effort about my appearance when we went running, but it didn’t last long! Now I don’t care what I look like. Besides, with Mark it’s a case of ‘what you see is to compare our performance times – I usually beat him!


Running together gives us quality time. I am away from home a lot during the week, what you get’. That’s what I love about him.


We’re both competitive people, which is why we’re so well-suited, although we’re not like that in training – in fact Mark slowed my running down, which helped me to get fewer injuries. But at races we are very competitive, as WAVA [age-grading tables] enables us so running attire weekends is something we can do together.


Wing with Mark has spurred me on and now I’ve got no one making me feel guilty about running. He understands if I’m jittery because I’ve not been running and he’s the first one to push me out the door. In return I like to think I’ve helped him to improve, as since we’ve been together he’s started running ultra distances internationally for Wales. I’m there to look after him and provide food and refreshment. The only downside of us both running is that we are very one-track minded: everything revolves around running, and our house gets messy because we are out training all the time!”


Go Out in Joy pt.12

I COULD end with details of Riann’s funeral; or with what has happened since; or with how the Miles family has gr0wn even closer. I could end with a discussion of the theological mystery of pain and death. All would have validity, But I shall end by telling you how I felt on the first anniversary of Riann’s death, and how I had to go to her grave. I didn’t worry about whether it was “healthy.” I knew I had to go.

I sat on Riann’s tombstone for an hour and a half. It seemed like ten minutes. And I had a wrestling match with God.

I was crying out, “My God, my G0d, why hast thou forsaken me?” The child beneath the tombstone really was dead. Not “in God’s arms” or “seeing his face” or “alive in his heart.” She was dead. Had been dead for 365 days, and I couldn’t talk to her any more, couldn’t hold her. And it wasn’t fair, or rational, or answerable, or reasonable, or very loving, when all was said and done, of a God I kept calling “love.”

And yet, sitting on that tomb­stone, I couldn’t renounce God. Was I too scared? Could I have re­nounced him if it had been my own child beneath the granite block, with the recent rainwater oozing over a naked rectangle?

Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe there is no God.

When I got that far, I stopped. Yes, it is unanswerable. Yes, I am going right on attempting to answer it.

All I know is that I’m not alone. But I am certainly curious about the nature of the being who walks with me. And I guess I’ll never really be satisfied until I get my unanswer­ables answered. But of course—on this Earth-I won’t. So, as I see it, the choice is up to me.

Today I choose God. I hope for ever. I know anger will come hack and frustration and fear. But I know I’ll never be alone, and that is every­thing. I believe—as my pastor Elam


Davies wrote so beautifully—that :

All through life’s day we shall walk with the Christ, often as the Stranger, because he never ob­trudes or overrides. Before the journey’s end we shall ask many questions, experience many heart­aches, be moulded by many of life’s disciplining disappointments.

And then, suddenly, whether we shall be young, middle-aged, or old, we shall find that the day is far spent, that the shadows are gathering and at last the night descends. In that moment our eyes shall be opened and we shall know Him, but now no longer as one who will vanish from our sight. He will be the living, travelling Companion along the unknown valley’s way to the highroad of God’s eternity. Then shall come to pass the saying, “Death is swal­lowed up in victory.”

Ryann and I had once given each other the same gift. Mine from her still sits on my office desk : a small, wooden, orange and black ladybird attached to a clothes-peg. Hers from me still sits on her bed, next to the window in her home : a large, stuffed, orange and black ladybird.

Out of the muddy ground that April afternoon, where spring’s grass was being made, from the crevice next to the chilled tomb­stone, came a tiny ladybird march­ing towards me.

I put my finger in its path and lifted it up. It marched forward, undaunted.

Go Out in Joy pt.11

She hadn’t been eating much, a few bites at each meal. I anticipated the same this time. But she didn’t stop eating, and she didn’t stop talk­ing for two solid hours. She went through nearly two bowls of cherry jelly—which was monumental—and her whole life’s history.

They say a person will relive his whole life in his mind before he dies. I didn’t think about it that night, but that may have been exactly what Riann was doing. Whatever it was, 1 heard about experiences in all of her nine years, from as far back as she could remember.

“I remember . . . there’s this boy . . . his name is Henry Alexander. When we were babies . . there’s this picture of him kissing me, so everybody teases me and says he’s my boyfriend. He’s not, but they tease me. I remember riding in a car with Henry once, and I hid so people wouldn’t see us together.

“I have two boyfriends now—at least two ! One is John McArthur. He makes a funny sound with his mouth. I’ll try to make the sound, but I’m not as good as John.”

She really tried. She could barely move her facial muscles and her arms and hands, which also were re­quired for the “funny sound.” The procedure involved putting her in­dex fingers into her mouth. Finally, she succeeded as best as she could.

“That’s kind of it,” she said. “But I’m not as good as John.”

I laughed. “As far as I’m con­cerned, you’re pretty good. No wonder John makes you laugh.”

She giggled. “He really does. He’s so funny.”

When she stopped talking and said she had had enough cherry jelly, it was nearly 12.30am. I turned out the light, kissed her good-night, and she slept for three hours, right through her seizures. And you know, we really had fun those two hours of talking. I forgot for moments that we weren’t just at home having some dessert and relaxing. The mind can be a great protector.

When I returned to the hospital with my suitcase that Friday it was shortly after noon. My plane took off at 3.30; I planned to leave the hospital about 2.00. I ran into Mrs Miles and her sister as I got off the bus. They were on their way back from lunch. We went to Riann’s r0om and sat and talked for a while. Then Mrs Miles and her sister went “to get a cup of coffee.” They were leaving us alone to say good-bye. It was thoughtful of them. But neither of us could. If we knew it was our last time together, we didn’t let on. And I think we knew.

We kissed good-bye, and she whispered to me, “Have a good trip. I love you.”

Two Gifts


IT WAS Monday night. The pro­fessor and his wife and I had just returned from dinner. The tele­phone rang. It was Mrs Miles.

“It happened. This morning at ten o’clock. She died.” Dr Praeder had looked in 0n Riann at about 7.30 that morning. He checked her briefly and gave her a kiss. Riann had teased Dr Praeder in the past because he didn’t kiss hard enough.

“How is that?” he asked as he gave her a big kiss.

“That was hard enough !” Riann replied.

At nine that morning she had a seizure. But this time she went into a coma. She died about an hour later.

As best I could, I gave my talk the next day to the missionaries. That evening I flew back home.